FCSC Salary Structure – How Much Federal Civil Service Commission Pays Workers

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How much is FCSC Salary? In this article, we will provide full information FCSC salary structure i.e the salary scale of the Federal Civil Service Commission. The amount that FCSC pays workers may vary depending on the position.

Federal Civil Service CommissionFCSC, Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure, How FCSC Pays their Workers – See more details below;

Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure

In order to understand the salary structure of the FCSC, it is a very good idea to learn more about the FCSC itself. Basically, it is the executive body of Nigeria that can make appointments and transfers and can also exercise disciplinary control over the Federal Civil Servants. All staff is under control of the Office of the Head of Civil Service Federation, except the Chairman and Commissioners.

The Federal Civil Service Commission has different duties and responsibilities, which are;

  • – Recruit senior officers;
  • – Provide guidelines on promotions, discipline, and appointments;
  • – Represent the Civil Service Commissioners at Senior Staff Committee meetings of Ministries;
  • – Review and approve the recommendations on Disciplinary cases of senior officers;
  • – Ratify the promotion of officers to senior positions, including conducting promotion interviews and exams.

The Current FCSC Salary Structure.

The salary structure in this post was based on the set minimum wage of N18,000. Below is the full details of the salary structure.

Before going deep into the salary structure, It is worth mentioning, that minimal wages on the federal civil service position are N18,000. You can find a full list of wages depending on the level of knowledge below.

Least paid staff: The least paid staff on Grade Level 01 Step 01 will receive N18,900 per month that sums to an annual salary of N226,800. A little higher than the minimal wage at the FCSC.

School leaver: The school graduate who is currently on Grade Level 04 and Step 1 will earn a little more than the least staff – N242,994 per year.

Officers: Having Grade Level 06 Step 01, the officer at the FCSC will receive an annual salary of N316, 229. After attaining Step 15 on the same Grade Level, he will receive N487,295.

Diploma certificate holder: The diploma certificate holder on Grade Level 07 Step 01 will receive N43,163 per month at the Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission. It sums up to an annual salary of N517,965

Officers’ counterparts: On Grade Level 09 Step 01 they will receive N780,656 per year. After attaining Step 15, they will get N1,152,698. Just compare that to the Officer’s’ salary!

Graduate: Graduate on Level 08 Step 15 is between the Officers’ Level 09 Step 01 and Level 09 Step 15. They will receive N81,000 monthly working at the Federal Civil Service Commission. This sums up to a salary of N978,663 yearly.

Director of the Federal Civil Service: No doubt, the director is the most paid position at the FCSC. On Grade Level 17 Step 9 he will get a monthly salary of N454,344 (more that the school leaver will receive per year!). It amounts to an annual salary of N5,452,136. Shocking, isn’t it?

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