JAMB Mock Exam Questions & Answers From Last Year

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JAMB Mock Exam Questions & Answers From Last Year
JAMB Mock Exam Questions & Answers From Last Year

English Language

______ you please open the door
A. Can
B. will
C. Would
D. shall

What is Vannessa”s consolation for been away from home?
A. smoking
B. reading
C. Meditating
D. fighting

Tayo found the Barkers Friendly Because
A. They organized a drinks party
B. They are just friendly
C. Mr Barker has been visiting Nigeria before
D.None of the above

Why did Tayo called Vanessa “Moremi”
A. because she is learning Boxing
B. she fights for her friends
C. she stand against the men who Bursts into Tayo
D. None of the above

Choose the correct option that is nearest in meaning to the word in apostrophe:

The Governor provided adequate enjoyment for the”expatriates”
A. Foreigners
B. Ambassadors
C. Expatritions
D. citizens

The first place Tayo had conversation with Vanessa was at the
A. Drinks party
B. West Africa society
C. on the ship
D. I don’t Know

Where did the military send tayo to inorder for him to stop writing against the government
A. Ibadan
B. England
C. Lagos
D. America

In the book who died in an accident
A. Tayo
B. Yusuf
C. Tayo’s mama


Who postulated the theory of Natural Selection
A. Wallace
B. Darwin
C. Lamarck
D. Mendel

Which part does implantation occurs
A. Oviduct
B. Uterus
C. Ureter

D. Cervix

The highest Ecological organization is
A. Population
B. Ecosystem
C. community
D. Biosphere

The Gene is located in which part of the cell
A. chromosome
B. chloroplast
C. Centriole
D. Centrosome

The Property which makes Amoeba to be called a Plant is the possession of
A. chloroplast
B. contractile vacuole
C. flagellum
D. cell wall


Which of the following is the shape of methane
A. linear
B. octerhedral
C. tetrahedral
D. angular

Which of the following belong to some homologous series?
A. C2H4
B. C3H6
C. C4H10
D. C6H12

Ethene is produced by what process?
Fasch process is used to extract what?

Magnetite is the ore of what?

In the following diagram which of the following represent ideal gas?

The reaction between ethanol and ethanoic acid is

Geometric isomer exhibit the following property

A. same physical property different chemical property
B. same physical ppt same chemical ppt
C. different chemical different physical ppt

Calculation under general gas equations
Calculation under empirical formula

Lead (iv) oxide is used for..

Topics covered include:
Gas law
Organic chemistry
Oxidation and reduction
Chemical combinations 

PhysicsTopics covered include:
Equilibrium for parallel forces
Heat energy


Purely 2016 Past Questions

Which of the following binds Commonwealth Nations together?
A. Uniform Political System
B. Common Currency
C. Common Language
D. Common Colonial History
The Nigeria Police is an agency of the
A. judicial arm of government
B. Ministry of Defence
C. executive arm of government
D. Ministry of Interior

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In the Igbo traditional system, the highest democratic institution is the
A. Umunna
B. Oha-na -eze
C. Umuada
D. Ofo Title Holders

Lagos was annexed in
A. 1861
B. 1871
C. 1814
D. 1853

In Nigeria, items in the exclusive list are under the jurisdiction of
A. regional government
B. state government
C. central government
D. local government


1 An agent that sells goods on behalf of his principal on commission basis is called
A. del-credere agent
B. Factor
C. Salesman
D. Broker


When the TP increases what will happen to MP
A. increase
B. decline
C. zero
D. negative

Some topics include:Industrialization
Demand and supply
Inflation and deflation
Factors of production
Market structure
Financial institutions


These are the questions and answers Amusa could remember. However, he couldn’t quote some verbatim.

The Land is a saber-toothed Tiger is an example of _____.
A. Imagery
B. Symbolism
C. Metaphor
D. Personification.
Iago telling Othello about the Handkerchief is to _____
A. further incite Othello’s suspicion
B. To confirm Deademona’s unfaithfullness
C. to confirm desdemona faithfulness.
D. to confirm Othello’s suspicion

Who gave Iago money to win desdemona’s heart?

A. Othello
B. Roderigo
C. Brabantio
D. Cassio

Crossing the bar.
The imagery use in the poem is
A. forest
B. sea
C. farmland
D. wind


Which year was ECOWAS founded?

The topics that were covered under Mathematics include:

  • Surds
  • Logarithms
  • A.P and G.P
  • Algebraic expressions/processes
  • Matrices (read this please)
  • Angles of elevation and depression
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Differentiation and integration (read this please)
  • Statistics
  • Word problems leading to simultaneous equations
  • Change of subject of the formula
  • Indices (read this please)
  • Circle theorem
  • Circle geometry
  • Polygons
  • Plane shapes
  • IRK

In which country was Imam Hanbali born?

A. Baghdad
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Egypt

Some topics they asked include:

  • Iddrah – The Waiting Period
  • V The two Sahih – Buhari and Muslim
  • Jahilliyyah – Ignorance, Adultery, Fornication
  • The Ration between Man and Woman
  • The Third Rashidun Caliphate (Uthman ibn ‘Affan)

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